October 2014 - July 2015

Election! Britain votes...

Artist-in-residence commission.

'Election! Britain Votes...' was an exhibition about UK general elections, displayed in 2015. It covered the history of general elections in the 20th Century, the 2015 election campaign, and the electoral process.

I was commissioned as artist-in-residence to create a comprehensive visual explanation of the electoral process, accessible to all. The outcome was a giant 3D infographic covering 60 square metres of wall space, along with the creation of 2 motion graphics films as part of the exhibition.

Press reviews for ‘Election!’:
 ‘...a triumph’ - The New Statesman

‘Gardner...has done a remarkable job transforming what many may see as a dry subject into an exciting piece of art that can teach everyone a lesson or two.’ - Northern Soul

A full PDF package of the infographics created for 'Election! Britain Votes...' is available here:

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