June - September 2017

Artmob inaugural exhibition

Design and co-curation of 'Continuum: Framing Trans Lives in 21st Century Britain' at the People's History Museum, Manchester

‘Continuum’ focused on the power of creativity to transform otherwise difficult and overlooked experiences and the ability of visual art to communicate the otherwise incommunicable. The exhibition featured the work of fourteen UK-based trans and non-binary artists, from a variety of backgrounds, working across a range of media (sculpture, illustration, installation, photography, painting, print, animation and video game art).  The group comprised established artists as well as artists who exhibited publicly for the first time. The artists occupy a broad range of identities – trans women, trans men, non-binary, bi-gender, non-gender. Their work addressed a diversity of issues, including visibility, identity, philosophy, perception, class, gender, medicine, the body, and law, to name but a few. 


'Continuum' was supported using public funding by Arts Council England​, and was part of a season of events connected to 'Never Going Underground: the fight for LGBT+ rights' at the People's History Museum.

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