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Originally from a theatre background as a designer and technical manager, I have spent the past 5 years working as an artist and designer.

I have worked on a variety of design projects, including museum and art exhibition design, marketing and promotional design, and book design and illustration. Past clients include Manchester-based charity Back on Track, Cartwheel Arts, Home Mcr and Queer Media Festival.

I work across a variety of media, including digital art and design, linocut printmaking and papercut. I have exhibited at a number of events in Derbyshire, and have produced a number of large scale artworks, most notably for the People’s History Museum (Election! Britain votes... 2015; The EuroTunnel 2016).

My most recent artwork focuses on the socio-political landscape of 21st Century Britain, addressing issues such as human/civil rights, political engagement, and the philosophy and politics of (in)visibility and 'otherness'. I also produce works that reflect my passion for landscape, maps and the environment.

I am also the co-founder of ArtMob - a fledgling visual arts platform committed to raising the profile of transgender and gender variant artists in the UK, and co-curated our inaugural exhibition, 'Continuum: Framing Trans Lives in 21st Century Britain', in 2017 at the People's History Museum. More details can be found at www.artmob.co.uk